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HiVE notation for Describing and Modifying Hierarchical Layouts for Visual Data Analysis

This page contains some details of our approach to data exploration using reconfigurable hierarchical layouts using our HiVE notation (Hierarchical Visualisation Expression).

Slingsby, A., Dykes, J. and Wood, J. 2009. Configuring Hierarchical Layouts to Address Research Questions. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 15 (6), Nov-Dec 2009 [pdf]

Winner of an Honorable Mention at InfoVis 2009.

At the GeoViz Digital City Workshop in Hamburg, 3-5 March 2009 [more details] we showed how spatial and temporal aspects of datasets can be conveyed through layout and order in treemaps. Here, we extend this into an approach for exploring multivariate datasets using reconfigurable layouts that use dimensional stacking to convey multivariate aspects of datasets. In order to help us explore the design-space, we are developing HiVE (Hierarchical Visualisation Expression) notation which (a) describes the states of layouts and (b) provides operators to reconfigure layouts. Layouts can be reconfigured to show different dimensions of the dataset, to reorder elements such that different patterns and trends (including spatial and temporal) can be detected and to change the visual encoding. As such, HiVE is not only a means of describing visualisations but providing the operators required for visual data exploration.

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